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:iconteaphotography: Windows to the Soul by TeaPhotographyRemains of the First Day by TeaPhotographyEvery Life Has A Story by TeaPhotography Will You Be My Friend? by TeaPhotography

:iconartbybeverly: Black And Blue All Over! - Pastels by ArtBYbeverlyHMNZS Waikato - F55 - Leander Batch 2TA frigate by ArtBYbeverlyWatercolor Study, painting 1! - Humble Beginnings! by ArtBYbeverly

:iconthefuzzypineapple: Touching Butterflies Necklace by TheFuzzyPineapple Just Peachy by TheFuzzyPineapple Yellow Butterfly Bottle Cap Earrings by TheFuzzyPineapple

:iconnatashakudashkina: Custom painted Tattoo design. Body art. by NatashaKudashkina Maternity Body Paint by NatashaKudashkina Body art Face by NatashaKudashkina  Nikki by NatashaKudashkina

:iconfairybomb56: Dead inside by fairybomb56 Supernatural box top by fairybomb56 Batman Birdhouse by fairybomb56 Florida State University by fairybomb56

:iconakai-karasu: exhaleno need to try and remember
all the questions in your head
just breathe  -  slowly
let it all out
and break away
from the chains holding you down
don't go on screaming
stop searching when you know
you can't stand the pain
of what's hidden
inspire  -  slowly
gasp for breath
let your body fade
it's just holding you back
if you stay
you won't ever see
why you can't escape the pain
that kills you inside
stop your breathing  -  hold on
take a look through the surface
busy bee by Akai-karasu progressAnd
at times
I just want to
grab your wrists so hard
that your lovely bones
crack and break
one by one
destroying you
instead of myself for once.
can we please call that progress?

:iconbiniwood: :thumb347475952: :thumb340881494: :thumb341663484: :thumb347410658:

:iconmarydenton: Sithathoriunet Pectoral by MaryDenton A Heraldry Tutorial by MaryDenton Mozart by MaryDenton Tutankhamun, Isis and Nephthys by MaryDenton

:iconkyouhaku: Lost Mind by kyouhaku Shame by kyouhaku one part missing by kyouhaku X I I by kyouhaku  cherry by kyouhaku

:iconterrarosa: :thumb74890743: :thumb98096703: :thumb41747453: :thumb41746967:

:iconhillbillygirl: A Rose Among ThornsIn this life, there are many situations that hurtful and sad.
Sometimes, they can be misunderstood or uncertain.
Sometimes, they can be as sharp as thorns.
Sometimes, they can be as winding as a spindly branch.
The happenings in life can be as cutting as the sharp points.
The words that are spoken can be choking as the vine.
The hands can be as painful as the cut of the thorn.
The silence can be as the falling of the leaf.
But in all these things, hope can be found.
The branches and vines can be straightened.
The leaves will stay longer with life.
A struggling bud will begin to form.
If we, in this life, will become as one, a ray of sun shine.
Kindness, understanding, patience, caring, forgiveness,
And love for food of life,
Tears of happiness and joy, the water for strength.
And from the bud, a beautiful and loving rose will grow.
The color will bring a sweet brightness to our life.
The  fragrance will bring peace to our hearts.
The leaves will blow away all the ugliness that we see o
The Forgiving GirlCrouched in a corner, with her arms wrapping herself tightly, a girl was found.
Her once beautiful face was covered in blood and bruises.
Her eyes so swollen that they were mere slits to see through.
Her hands cut, bruised and her fingernails broken from the scraping of the floor while being dragged.
Her stomach and back bruised and bones from her ribs rising with their broken form.
Her legs bleeding and scratched from the kicking of her feet, bruised with the blows of fists.
Her feet sat beneath her, one shoe on and one shoe off.
A stranger walked toward her speaking in a soft protecting voice.
Be not afraid, I am here to help and comfort you.
Not knowing that this was true, fear of the evil one returning, she only stared at him.
With each step the stranger took, she tried to scream, to run, but nothing could she do.
She then looked into his eyes and saw something she only dared to believe.
She continues to look into his eyes, as if from nowhere, her voice came to life.
While still in
A Mother's StrengthA Mother’s Strength
There she sat in a lonely and dark room.
Tears falling from the news she just heard.
The pain and anger she felt freezing her to the chair.
The not knowing of what was to come was hard to bear.
Seeing her son, explosions of all feeling hard to control.
The look in his eyes when he looked at her, was the question why.
Her heart ached, an answer she could not give to him.
Standing up, she took him in her arms and they cried together.
When the crying was over, the words they spoke were soft and unsure.
The decisions were made with caution and careful planning.
The unknown and fear chilling both of them to the very core.
The steps taken from that day forward, they walked them together.
Each step they took together, they took them with love and hope.
The mother with her love, courage, understanding and patience was always there.
The son with all his anger, confusion, doubt, fear , and love held to her tightly.
The mother holding him in her arms, took all of his feel

:iconchristianonfire7: SugarcoatYou, you are like sandpaper to my soul,
Scraping the edges to sooth me down.
You never sugarcoat the truth for my sake,
You give me the truth and hope my heart doesn’t break.
She was never a dream; she was just your reality.
I am the fantasy, covered in layers of memories.
HOPEHere I stand in the darkness,
Praying for the strength to carry on.
Fear shakes me to the core,
Rockin' me back and forth.
Like a boat upon the ocean.
Oh how I want to give up,
To fall down and let the hopelessness-
take over from all sides.
I want to bow my head in defeat,
And forget about the dreams I had.
Prayer seeps through my lips,
To a Father I'd never known-
but had been told about.
I cry out to Him,
To save me, to fill me.
And in the midst of that moment,
The darkness had disappeared.
Enough was this feeling of gloom,
But now was this strength that was ever so strong.
It overwhelmed me, and consumed me,
It brought me to my feet.
And a song sprung from my mouth,
In a Glorious Praise to an Almighty King,
For this hope was my lead.
Magically delicious‘Sound the bugle now- play it just for me. As the seasons change- remember how I used to be. Now I can’t go on – I can’t even start. I’ve got nothing left – just an empty heart.’
Sitting back in my old dark brown leather chair I close my eyes and take a deep gulp of stiff office air. Allowing the words of the song to echo in the chambers of my empty heart, an empty heart that had once been so filled with love and life.
When I reflect on all I have seen, all I have done, when I think of all the love that I have experienced. The first image I see is a green balloon and that starts the memories.
July thirteenth 2012, the day before her seventh birthday, everything was planned out. The puppy surprise, the princess cake, the crowd of crazy kids. To this day I am still pretty sure that I hadn’t missed a single detail. Even all the balloons where green, bright lime green, her favorite color in all the world. It was going to be perfect, pe

:iconkikums: Custom Colors- Rose in a Bottle Necklace by kikums Cupcakes and earrings by kikums Snow Octopi by kikums

:icontinystrawberri: Camera by Tinystrawberri WIP-Princess Bubblegum by Tinystrawberri Bunny Love by Tinystrawberri

:iconmonsterkittencrafts: Reiko by MonsterkittenCrafts woman of the lake by MonsterkittenCrafts amy lee finished by MonsterkittenCrafts

:iconspoon-dancer: Bambi Babe by spoon-dancer Empowerment by spoon-dancer Masked humbility by spoon-dancer

Mature Content

She's drifting away by spoon-dancer

:iconjohn-peter: Morning Dew by John-Peter Natural Pearls by John-Peter Hope by John-Peter

:iconrealityintolerant: Orange Haze by RealityIntolerant Smoke II by RealityIntolerant And We All Shine On... by RealityIntolerant

:iconvelvetredbullet: :thumb331999999: Stand in the Rain by VelvetRedBullet Infatuation by VelvetRedBullet Little Birdie Cage by VelvetRedBullet

:iconkaytlynes: I'm Not a Monster... by KaytlynES What's So Stinking About It? by KaytlynES There Need to be More Wild Cards by KaytlynES

:iconbleedthedream180: :thumb349975993: :thumb349031821: :thumb346311236:

:iconmiyu713: On the inside. On The inside
Peel at the surface
and hope to reach the base
of a reality you used to know
a once so pretty face
Left behind by isolation
and rendered a useless foe
you're marred by imperfection
that you yourself have sewn
Yet you scratch at the surface
digging deeper for the answers
do you even know the question?
As it gnaws at you like cancer
Tearing back the layers
as the creature starts to show
are you scared of your own reflection
as the pain begins to grow
So lost and unattended
as the infection settles in
corrupting from the inside
as your walls are caving in
yet you remove another layer
as the darkness seems to grow
you rip into your being
as you pay back what you owe
The scraps of you left scattered
piling high upon the floor
you keep looking for your sanity
do you even know what for?
What task is oh so daunting
that you keep punishing for more
so that maybe past the surface
is your weak and burdened core
All you really have is nothing
but the mess you have
Soldier-boyGo on ahead little soldier-boy
make your mama proud.
Serving your country with loyalty,
your courage knows no bounds.
Keep your head up, soldier-boy,
a cold gun is in your fingers,
and although days have passed,
the memories will always linger.
Keep praying good ol' soldier-boy
as bombs paint across the sky.
Your friends are in a better place
no time for you to cry.
Don't stop moving my brave soldier-boy
the sun has not yet set
the enemy is closing in
one shot is all that's left.
Hold your breath scared soldier-boy
the fiends are at your tail
they'll hunt you down mercilessly
as your mission is marked 'fail'
Close your eyes dear soldier-boy
and pray up to your God.
The pain is building in your chest
and your vision is getting flawed.
It will be over soon sweet soldier-boy
as some bunker down and cry
the fight for you is over
some men were born to die.
Goodbye my brave soldier-boy
your life burned out like an ember.
Your sacrifice wasn't for naught.
And we will always remember.
Your hom
Hope you know. Hope You Know
I hope you know I loved you.
every single day.
And always wished you the best
in every prayer that I'd say.
I hope you know you're special
and no one can contest.
And that you are unique
and quite simply the best.
I hope you know you're strong
and dont let things break you down.
That you may stand your ground
but remember to be a clown.
I hope you remember to smile
and think of tomorrow as new.
That you never let your past
be something too painful to review.
I hope you are a gentleman
and act like you were raised.
Surpass every expectation
and never let your mind be fazed.
I hope you know you're talented
and handsome that is true.
And no matter where you go
I will always comfort you.
I hope you know that distance
wont keep us far apart.
For since you were so little
you always had my heart.
I hope you know that life is hard
but you still must merely try.
That it is full of wonders
so don't let them pass you by.
I hope you know I love you
through everythi

:iconlilyt-art: In the treetops by LilyT-Art Rose pendant by LilyT-Art FANGIRLS by LilyT-Art

:iconsketchypages: le portrait d'un appartement by sketchypages Scarecrow Concepts by sketchypages The Grumpy Mr. Nightjar. by sketchypages

:iconairlesse: :thumb349466493: :thumb352461106:

:iconfalsewarrior: blindBlindness binds us
it denies us
it consumes us
it frightens us
it strengthens us
it upsets us 
but how ever you look at it 
blindness is blindness
it stills hides whats most important from us
the thing that matters most
the truth
 everything built off truth is strong
everything built off of lies 
will always crumble when the true eventually comes out
lies blind us, always have, always will
Tell the truth always.
I remember...I remember the days that made autumn seem far away
The days that were hot and uneventful
The days that were play
And the days full of dismay
Why do you get to fly clouds when I cant even get off the ground?
I remember.
I remember the days that sparked my interest 
That days that gave me things to do 
even on a day I cant go out or don't want to go out
The days that sparked my imagination
Why must the first "hornet" keep me cage like so?
Why can't it just let me fly away?
I remember.
I remember the days that made me remember school was coming soon
The weather a dangerous man on a rampage
The days getting cooler
The days never were quit as enjoyable as the rest
but fill me with excitement too see all my friends again.
When I write what I feel
I am temporally released
and I can fly for a short while.
It feels good to be free.
I remember.
Unanswered questions of the torturedWho are you to tell me what I can do?
Why do I have to do something I don't want to do?
When can I be free to do what I want?
Where can I finally be truly free from the grasp and pressure that binds me?
Who can understand me?
When will this endless torture end?
Does my life have to be so difficult?
Did this build up or did just pop up?
Does everyone's life have this many difficulties?
Is this my problem to face alone?
Did people older than me go through this to?
Will those younger than me have to go through this?
Are others my age going through this?
Will this end?
Why does this happen?
Why do people have to be so cruel?
Did they go through this also?
When will this end?
Can this end?

:iconmaximedaviron: Land of the Valar by MaximeDaviron The Sleepy Mountains by MaximeDaviron The Book Of Forgotten Lands by MaximeDaviron

:iconnicolasalexanderotto: Upon Black Shorelines by NicolasAlexanderOtto Kingdoms of Rain by NicolasAlexanderOtto Words of Sorrow by NicolasAlexanderOtto

:iconricky4: Mindfield by ricky4 Steam-punk fish by ricky4 Greed by ricky4 Heytch, Literary elemental by ricky4

:iconaprillight: Perfume of Lavender and Lily by AprilLight Morning Dev by AprilLight Better New Year by AprilLight The Last of the Autumn by AprilLight

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:icondragonshy2plz: :iconwasibimote: :icondragonshy2plz: :iconwasibimote: :icondragonshy2plz: :iconwasibimote: :icondragonshy2plz: :iconwasibimote: :icondragonshy2plz: :iconwasibimote: :icondragonshy2plz:
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