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March 15, 2013


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:iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz:
:iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz:

:iconseven-s: Song of the Sun by seven-s Forest On Fire by seven-s April Tempest by seven-s

:iconteaphotography: Of Springtime Forever by TeaPhotography Greatness in Every Little Joy by TeaPhotography The Ageless Wonder of Tea by TeaPhotography

:iconheart4art23: Heart by Heart4Art23  Howl by Heart4Art23  Peace Poster 2012 by Heart4Art23 :thumb306633194:

:iconecamouse37: This Body is BrokenThis body is broken.
Unfeeling, it does not respond.
It lays there,
Coldness emits from its hazel orbs,
All drive, gone.
Its flesh is tired.
Its flesh is dead.
The loving touch, cannot be felt.
The warmth, cannot be shared.
The excitement is not there...
It does not speak.
Moans and cries tremble past its lips,
Barely audible through gridded teeth.
Ripping from within,
The tears become deeper.
The fears, reality.
It waits for pain to subside,
And the paralysis to take over once more.
It engulfs the being like a wave.
Trickling down the tops of its toes,
Down its feet, and slithering further up its body,
Downing it in numbness yet again.
Submerged, it lays beneath the cool sea of insensitivity,
longing to reach the surface and feel...
My Butterfly by ecamouse37 :thumb321457546:

:iconmadewithlove8: Bright Jazz Scarf by MadeWithLove8 Octopus party by MadeWithLove8 Traditional Style Winter Hat by MadeWithLove8

:iconcreativeexcess: Comfy Mass Effect by CreativeExcess Rainbow Scarf by CreativeExcess Dragonborn by CreativeExcess

:iconhfeather53: i've ripped my lips from every burned thought.iii. my feet and hands
are always cold,
will always be cold.
i. i ransack memories
long forgotten.
i thought i'd burned them all,
turned them all to ash,
and placed them in tupperware containers -
each one neatly labeled with dates
and numbered with catastrophes.
ii. apparently,
i shoved them all in freezers -
saving them for lovelier days,
thinking i've never deserved
anything better than freezer burn
to sustain me.
iv. my limbs are blue and reek of stale air.
my nose and tongue are covered in frost
and my lips are painted
in red.
v. i will trace new memories,
on your skin with my lips,
and pray i won't need
to burn those too.
she reminds me of myselfI'm sorry, Alice, the looking glass lies.
Flowers don't sing
and hares don't keep time.
Your world of wonder
is all make believe -
Why else would your reflection
giggle and wink?
You aren't a child any longer, my dear.
Have a matchstick for your dreams
and a hammer for that mirror.
Our hands may be calloused
as we coddle our pasts
but delusions are enemies
and wistful muses pass.
I will wait for you, darling,
I will write for you, lass.
I will capture life's beauty
and contain it in glass.
Though, the singing that lingers
is the voice of my own.
The fragrant flowers are dying
even while their seed is sown.

:icon0hgravity: Taste the Crush of a Sunset's Dying BlushShe collected butterflies alive as cherished memories. 
A whisperer of the delicate things, velvet-winged creatures hadn’t a chance against her gentle murmur.  Nothing forced, she let them perch upon a lazily held finger as she flipped page after page detailing each down to wandering antenna.
“You, darlin’, are a white-dotted Cattleheart,” she breathed its name soft as spells. Thin, black legs pawed at her skin in recognition. 
“I have seen you before, lovely?” Dark shadows, outlined by red and white polka-dot seams, fell and rose like a sweet, slow nod.
She smiled as it fluttered off her finger to a nearby bed of white flowers landing –  a black cloak draped over a mound of snow.
Returning her attention to the butterfly book, her eyes lit bright.
“Hey there Pipevine Swallowtail.” She sighed to her newest guest, “are you carrying my dreams? did you swallow my heartwishes last night? Wait…” She

:iconclairesable: Rainbow Zebra by ClaireSable Hibiscus by ClaireSable :thumb311039132:

:iconkariohki: Litwick Speedpaint by KariOhki Nature Dragon by KariOhki Sabia by KariOhki

:iconwoodsiewood: Self Portrait: End of Semester by WoodsieWood Matt Smith - Charcoal by WoodsieWood Overcome the Winter by WoodsieWood Parasailing at sunset by WoodsieWood

:iconmadiswain: Nathan Drake by Madiswain harpist for lioone by Madiswain matt n tennant 2 by Madiswain BARNEY STINSON by Madiswain

:iconandreuccettiart: Donna Con Cappello by andreuccettiart Circus by andreuccettiart I love you, I hate you by andreuccettiart Colors of the forest by andreuccettiart

:iconagnes-cecile: miss universe by agnes-cecile coldberry by agnes-cecile Agapornis by agnes-cecile

:iconghostjay55: I wish my eyes were a mirrorI wish my eyes were a mirror
so you can see you as i see
your heart was crushed by an image
built by a cruel society
I wish my eyes were a mirror
So that i may help you to believe
that what they say is lies
and show you how you are to me
I wish my Heart could speak clearer
to help you understand
that you are the only person
that can fill my empty hands
I wish i could be your savior
Wipe away your fresh tears
i would gently say i love you
as i hold you through the years
And i wish my soul was a healer
to undo all of the pain
Make all their hostile efforts
finally end in vain
But to you im just a stranger
or "Just friends at best"
because you fear that i will hurt you
just like all the rest
So i wish my eyes were a mirror
So you can see you as i see
And ill continue to count the days
until you become one with me.
The only man that tries.So i thought id write a poem
for everyone who feels alone
for everyone who feels unloved
for anyone who has no hope.
And so i thought id be that guy
who can make their dreams fly
who will be the one that tries
be the one that makes them smile
And i thought id be the one
to make the pain go undone
to make the memories die young
stop them from running from the sun
Oh how i want to be that guy
who sees the tears flow out their eyes
and make the pain cease when it tries
and make them feel like its alright
but when i try to be that guy
seems that my words are despised
and that flow of love goes dry
and I would be cast away like flies
But i Will be that guy
because i know that given time
that anyone that needs a friend
will look towards the only man that tries.
There's a fireI reach out
I wont let you fall
long nights, not at your side
But still i can recall
And every stupid glare
makes you think that no one cares
But stick with me
and maybe together we can achieve your dream
There's a fire in your eyes tonight
like a star a see you shining bright
you love to sing but you were born to fly
we'll make a story out of every night (x2)
Let them talk
For every word gets old
Smile back ,do what your best at
and let their insults go
And every word that scares
makes me see your true despair
have faith in me
and i will save you from those drowning tears
There's a fire in your eyes tonight
like a star a see you shining bright
you love to sing but you were born to fly
we'll make a story out of every night (x2)
So messed up
But I'll save you from these haunting nightmares
But don't give up
i know your ready to quit but i wont let them win
So messed up
But I'll save you from these haunting nightmares
But don't give up
i know your ready to quit but i wont let them win

:iconscootie-chan: Smile for You by Scootie-chan Abu by Scootie-chan Realization by Scootie-chan

:iconlily-inabottle: Purple Octopus Necklace by lily-inabottle Petunia Earrings by lily-inabottle Hotdog Earrings! by lily-inabottle

:iconstitch-happy: LoZ Link's Hat - version 2 by Stitch-Happy Hello Kitty Beanie v. 1 by Stitch-Happy Hand-knitted Pikachu Hat by Stitch-Happy

:iconchriseastmids: Il mattino ci colse abbracciati, lo sai che ti amo by chriseastmids DECEMBER: WITH CIRCLE/SPHERE by chriseastmids

:iconnaikki: .fathom. by naikki .watchers of thought. by naikki

:iconadonael: :thumb349411639: :thumb339438756: :thumb339158476:

:icontehpassenger: AphroditeRoses shall not narrate thy holy eyes
Undone by love, stars in disguise
Bejewled fair face, only thou fit
A blossom of hope that never wilts
Bound by spell only thee I think of
Angel thou I love by the name Above
Indeed crystalline thine ethereal face
Like a trinket shaped with Lord's grace
Or the falling benevolent winter snow
Valor wings thy hast heaven aglow
Enchanting thy lips take my sight
Young and tantalized thy beloved heart
One that shudders but never falls apart
Untying my hands Angel show me light.
The Surreal SeasonArbitrary screams, have washed away in bliss
The forever unspoken words, turned into kiss'
From the uncertain lips of deceit
A chilling breeze from the exiled mist
The fiery summer has gone ashtray
Radiant winter is along its way.
An elegy for the dying stoneIn the dark shadows, I will disappear
And let the wasted time leave me a scar
Getting lost in the tranquility of time
Where you cannot find me
Neither can I.
Tears like diamond
Or the iridescent cold
Will not touch me
The departed soul
Only wishes to flee.
I will be summoned
for the critical judgment
so will be you
we shall see who was on the side
Of the Angel's.
And if it's on our fate
then we shall not fade
be together
In the perpetual end.

:iconanchoanchi: 07 by AnchoAnchi 18 by AnchoAnchi 14 by AnchoAnchi

:iconkissontherain: Snow joy by KissOnTheRain Upside down by KissOnTheRain Hide and seek by KissOnTheRain's what you see by KissOnTheRain

:iconxkookypandax: Dream Drop by xkookypandax Were You Once An Outcast Too? by xkookypandax Noah's Ark by xkookypandax Notre Dame by xkookypandax

:iconkitty-grimm: 34. Stars by Kitty-Grimm Ariel by Kitty-Grimm A Rose, Mademoiselle? by Kitty-Grimm The Black Widow by Kitty-Grimm

:iconmagnius159: The SurroundWarm flesh twitched beneath him, echoing the steady vibrations of his own skin. His breath came uneven and broken in his ears. The warmth of the spilled blood, he could see, had begun to soak the ground; the sharp scent of it filled the air as did the keening of the wind across the hills and through the trees. It came to him like the cry of a woman at her finish. He shivered from both the wind against his dampened skin and the spectral wail.
His arms felt boneless, his legs trembled and his lungs burned from exertion, but he roused himself from his stupor. His right hand still held onto his knife, the handle of it pressed firmly into his palm. It had become a part of him, as much as the trees, rocks and moving waters of the forest.
"Brother," he began. His voice came thick, coarse and unsteady. He had lost track of time and another violent rush of wind, followed by a pounding in his ears that was not from his own heart, reminded him of it. He would have to hurry. He swallowed and began
stained glass windowsyou make me feel naked
your breath suffocates
your lips teases
i swallow your warmth
and mistake it for
you've become my
my vice.
my fingertips reach for more
liquid love
in stain-glassed windows.
OwenHe managed to focus his eyes just enough to see the person who had gripped and twisted his arms behind him. The light in his room was bright, but wavering. There were others. He could plainly see their mismatch cloth and hair, twined like serpents under thick turbans. Another stepped forward, a bag in hand.
Owen wrenched his arms free and pushed against the heaviness in the middle of his back and kicked at another. He bolted toward the door and stopped short. It was not sunlight which flooded his small room.
Flames consumed his home beyond frame of the door. Bodies were entangled in melee. Bursts of light, and he stumbled and fell. The heaviness returned to the middle of his back and he was forced against the cool floor. His head swam in a murk aware of only the incredible movement about him, and of a crackling and popping sound from far away. Lethargy and heat bore against his body. He twisted to look toward the door. This caused his head to object furiously and his throat constricted

:iconpon-ea: :thumb317927445: :thumb314003144: :thumb317927769:

:icontumnus-d-faun: Keep The Earth Below My Feet by tumnus-d-faun I don't have a goal. by tumnus-d-faun Iker Casillas by tumnus-d-faun

:icongigglecub: Dee da dee da deedee dodo by Gigglecub This is an original title. by Gigglecub Cloud Fishing by Gigglecub

thank you all for participating :community: if you don't see yourself and your friends in this issue, you will surely be in the next one :nod: feel free to note me with more recommendations for the next features, let's keep up the community spirit of dA :iconcircleplz: the more, the merrier :icongwompplz: have a great week ahead one and all :iconlovegoesboom:

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:iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconrainbowsheepplz:
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